Sunday, 2 July 2017

Raven's Reef in InWorldz Officially Closed

Although it was a really hard decision, Raven's Reef - which was located on the Prickle Pear Bay region of InWorldz mainland - has been taken down permanently. It was intended to be a 'create your own story' - live there, play there kind of thing. But there just seemed to be too little interest in that sort of genre.

Goodbye Raven's Reef InWorldz

For me - well I love urban themed regions and genres. Not necessarily those kidnap/violence RP themes - but just a run down city and the colourful inhabitants and storyline potential. This wasn't as big of an interest for others and visitors to the region had become so infrequent that I coudn't justify keeping it going, so I decided to let it go and concentrate solely on the Raven's Reef 4x4 urban rp varregion in Kitely. It isn't super active there either but there are a steady stream of hypergrid visitors that find us via

Come visit (search Raven's Reef on the map in Kitely) grab a free starter avi, find your groove. We'd love to have you. Also, be sure to visit our site

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