Monday, 3 April 2017

Urban Role Play in OpenSim

Well, I've been quiet on here lately. A few days after my last post, we had a tragic loss. A death in the family. Most often I keep my real life and my virtual life separate - so I don't want to go into detail - but needless to say, life spun upside down and it's been a difficult time.

Some of my focus changed in my virtual life. I found myself puttering more, and making distractions for myself. Creating an alternate reality in the form of Raven's Reef in Kitely.

Now, to clarify - this idea first took hold in InWorldz about a year and a half ago, albeit on a smaller scale. My good friend and co-conspirator Simone Geddins and I really wanted to bring some of the Urban Glory of the Second Life grid into our land at InWorldz. Her and I really loved doing urban roleplay in SL, finding neat little towns that we could 'move into' and become part of the scenery.

Taking it to Kitely however was a bit different. It started a few months before my family tragedy. I had decided that I wanted to take what we had done in IW and do it on a larger scale. It was initially quite a challenge. Not just because I was suddenly working with a 4x4 (equivalent of 16 regions) but because I needed to find the same sort of items to create a similar ambiance. Luckily my partner Curt Halberd had also set up a second Domus homebase (the name of his store in InWorldz and Kitely) and THAT meant I could get many of the same builds I had in InWorldz.

There was also a lot of free/copyable stuff in OSgrid at Cardboard and Rust region. Between those two sources I was able to get to work on this mega sized version of Raven's Reef. But it was still a large project and I sort of worked on it just little bits here and there. However the past few months I have been putting in a lot of time, and really enjoying myself.

Something about having a vision and seeing it take form on a virtual canvas is quite awesome. So bit by bit this place is becoming everything I had envisioned for it. The website for it is , and there is also a page for it at OpenSimWorld -

Come check it out!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Today in the Metaverse

Second Life has been of renewed interest for me lately because I moved into New Babbage with my sis Chav . We moved their because of Mysterious Circumstances
In New Babbage in Second Life
Please do not stare at her hands. She is a little bit sensitive about them. Mama was quite a drunk and used to... oh nevermind, we don't talk about mama. Especially since we poisoned... ugh, again, nevermind. I get carried away and say FAR more than I should. Anyhow, sufficient to say, Chav and I have relocated to the Canal area and I am looking for employment at one of the factories. Chav is very 'handy' *chuckles* and sews some lovely clothing. I used to be a teacher, but there seems to be no actual educational stuff for children in New Babbage so I will see if I can get hired on by one of the local sweat shops.

In InWorldz, I attended two great sets of tunes by two great DJ's on Saturday. The theme was SEXY and boy was it ever. The Sword & Chalice in the Podia region in InWorldz has some great Adult themed parties. Full dungeon in the levels below the dance floor. Very tasteful and classy.
Dancing like a Porn Star in InWorldz

I perhaps did not look super 'classy' but I was having a lot of fun. The overall theme of Sword & Chalice is GLBT Welcoming, be comfortable in your own form, celebrate the joys of sensation. NO child avis and tinies are discouraged because they are cute lil animals and they don't really do well in bondage areas with half naked or naked humans. I am wearing Hell's Angel clothing by Virtual Attire, Song Bird Polished eyes and makeup, Mina Skin by Eye Candi.

There are events every day in InWorldz, and unlike in Second Life, the events don't cause me to crash. In Second Life my first few minutes at any event are spent waiting for the mesh clothes of those around me to attach themselves to the mesh naked bodies that they belong to. (not a BAD thing understand, just a bit of a lag load for my computer)

Speaking of mesh bodies in Second Life, not only do I have one there, but also at the encouragement of a friend (looking at YOU SIMMY!) Got a mesh head as well. This particular one is LAQ - Trinity. I had wanted to get one of the Leleutka heads but they are a bit round in the chin and overly pouty in the mouth for my taste. I might revisit them in the future but I had all the demos and none were doing it for me.

Pondering on the boat in Second Life
Body is Maitreya, hair is =DeLa*= Mesh Hair Emily, Shirt I'm wearing is blueberry and my eyes are Ikon. Oh yeah baby, I am LAGALICIOUS. The new Firestorm tells me most of the time that I can't be seen by half the population. Not sure about that as I don't even wear shoes half the time and limited scripts, but mesh body/head/hands/feet etc all contribute.

It is really nice though to have such flow to the skin and shape. It adds so much to the immersiveness of scenes.

Then after I was done being a mesh whore in Second Life I decided to come back to Kitely and visit my town I've been working on. It's a 4x4 Varregion , the majority of it a RP region with teh central area a residential zone. I quite love it. It started in InWorldz as Raven Reef in the Prickle Pear Bay region (which is still there, come visit!) but I really wanted to expand and make a whole town with boating area. So I have the city, then farmlands a forested area, then  a wastelandish area and swamp with airport. Huge Kudos to my guy Curt Halberd for his amazing builds. He is sooo talented. He has a store called Domus and sells in both InWorldz and Kitely market. Although I did get a HUGE portion of the stuff as freebies in OsGrid, the core residential rental homes (free rent for new folks!) are made by him, same with gas station, Pub I work at and more.
Making a collect call in Kitely
The phonebooth and homes to the left were freebies but across the street, those are all Curt's builds, same with the roads/sidewalks.

He bakes his textures soooo beautifully and spends so much time working on each and every item. He is truly an artist with his mesh creations and I absolutely love the realism the convey. It adds the perfect touch to any town, and especially a role play town where immersiveness is kind of important!
I have an apartment above the pub where I work, furnished with a majority of Witchy's  items, from Kitely Marketplace.
My apartment in Kitely

It looks SO retro I love it. And I look out my apartment window to the street below or from the bedroom see the new restaurant that the ex police officer has opened up. He's kind of cute. I hope he likes his liquor because I love serving it out!

Opensim grids lack the 'stuff' that I love in Second Life but they allow so much room for imagination. In Second Life everything is done for you. But to own land or make your dreams come true costs a fortune.

I Pay 40 dollars/month for mainland regions and 30,000+ prims in InWorldz and 40/month in Kitely for a 4x4 and 120,000 regions.

InWorldz is a lot more active and busy than Kitely, (though its hard to tell with Kitely because it doesn't display online users, and that can make it seem emptier than it is) so the 40 for Mainland is really a pretty good deal also because its a busier community, even though no Hypergrid.  Also in InWorldz you can get a private island and 40,000 prims for 75 bucks or a 2x2 for 85 which is really a great deal for the second busiest grid in the metaverse. (Second only to Second Life). So good deals for a decent sized grid!

But in Kitely I am queen of my universe. I have a 4x4 which is equivalent to 16 regions, 120,000 prims and the possibilities are endless. Though of course it lacks the neat STUFF that Second Life has, it has so many great freebies and artistic creativity that isnt limited due to high prices and tiny prim counts. I LOVE my Kitely home just as much as my InWorldz home and have so much fun wandering about and meeting new people.

The skin and shirt here are from an AviFest 2016 avatar called Beth. Free from Franco Grid. The glasses are made by Chav Paderborn and the hair is by (red) Mint - I LOVE LOVE that hair. My favourite hair in opensim! Also you should buy Chav's stuff because she needs new shoes.

Alright so there is a huge ALL in ONE update on many random things. Needed to get this blog back into business again. There are so many freaking amazing places in the metaverse and we have SO many options. I love that I can visit neat places in Second Life and get gorgeous ego-enhancing additions. I love that I can go into InWorldz and find so many of my friends hanging out, having fun and walk around in regions I have owned for years now. And I love that I can go into Kitely and see all these people who are uber creative making super neat things because they have the space they want at a really low price.

Just like, in real life, I'm not content to just sit in one space. I want to visit different areas, because they each offer so much. When I travel the metaverse I'm totally on vacation. Whoot!
<3  Come visit me wherever. If there's a grid I'm probably in it. ;)

Blast from the Past!

I found my old Blogspot blog! And after some jumping through hoops of email recovery stuff I have access to it again! Perfect way to share all my favourite spots in the metaverse. So stay tuned!

Just takin a nap in the meantime

Sunday, 21 August 2011

A fantastic Social Networking platform for Sl'ers

I'm a big Diaspora fan girl, can't help it. I love what it stands for.

Taken from the above article:
Privacy is Dead. (Or is It?)

When it comes to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg once said “Privacy is dead” and when it comes to Google+ they are taking a similar stance in that your profiles must be tied to a real person (wallet name) and they will be insisting on making all profiles public. Aside from this very telling stance, Facebook and Google have a very large incentive to keep you public and “authentic” in that they earn their money on the zeitgeist advertising metrics. In this case, there is no room for the myriad of other ways we may present ourselves online, such as anonymously or through a pseudonym; Whether the pseudonym is a pen name or of your virtual world avatar is irrelevant, because they both act like a digital inquisition when challenged – asking for a cell phone number or other “approved” methods by which to validate your identity, which in turn defeat the point of anonymity or pseudonyms because those validation methods divulge private information about yourself that you had no intention of divulging – and more often than not shouldn’t be legally forced to divulge for something like a social media network.

Diaspora, on the other hand is the polar opposite to this “Privacy is dead” approach by stating it is specifically designed to facilitate your privacy in a decentralized and agnostic manner which each person is free to control entirely, while also giving users and entities the right to start their own “pod” in the network with the source code. This is a stark contrast to Google+ and Facebook where your information is housed centrally (thanks to Google and Facebook) and where Google and Facebook control what privacy (if any) you are allowed to have.

Check it out. There is open registration at many pods if you don't want to create your own. is where I am currently registered as Moonrise Azalee. I also am at for my plain ol' regular mundane self. ;)  (or , in case the first link only works for me because I'm logged in)

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 11 August 2011


Well, it's been busy in SL.
I haven't been in Hathian/Crack Den much lately. My laptop can't take the load. I still go to wander about from time to time though. The great thing about SL is that it can keep up with your change in mood or current interests.

I found the Wastelands. Post apocalyptic role playing theme. However, you can also just purchase on one of the sims, keep within theme, and NOT role play. The website in the link I provided has lots of good information. Everyone behind the scenes is friendly and supportive, so really, even if you have never role played, it's a great place to get your feet wet, simply due to the friendly environment. Yes, if you wear the hud to collect salvage etc., someone is going to attack you, but just IC, it's pretty tame and I've met some nice people. The forums, accessible through the previous link are a great place to ask questions. I was impressed by the quick responses and welcoming attitudes. Visit me in the wastelands:

The Divinaturist Fellowship has really been coming along. There are books to read, info boards to click, and generally, it's just a nice little place to relax. Eventually, it's my goal to be able to hold In World meetings there for people who aren't geographically close to one another, and who want something a bit more interactive and creative than skype. (can't really hold great circles or rituals on skype) Divinaturist Circle is in Lionheart Vitani, come visit here:

Still a resident in Arosa and Neufreidstadt.

I had never thought I would care for a snow sim, but I really do like Arosa. There is something so relaxing and cozy about the place, and being on the Mainland, there is always someone traveling through. I pop in there each time I'm in SL, and add a few things. Working on my greenhouse. Some artificial summer :) Come visit me at:

In Neufreidstadt, I have a little place, but I also took advantage of some land that came available ,a rarity in Neufreidstadt. Many residents have been there for a number of years and due to low tier, there is not a high turnover. More places are available in the surrounding CDS areas of Monastery, Alpine Meadows, Colonia Nova, and Locus Amoenus, just look for the yellow on the map while visiting me in Neufreidstadt. Back to the point  however, I took on another little space and put up The Chat Shack. I should probably create a new sign for it, in German, but the build itself is themed to fit in with the rest of this darling Bavarian themed city. Put up your feet and relax, have a glass of mead from the keg on the table or help yourself to a bite to eat from the picnic basket. Then wander out of the city, down the path and explore what the CDS has to offer. Visit the The Chat Shack:

Friday, 15 July 2011

Busy in the Slums

It's not so much that I'm an avid roleplayer, but more about the fact that I love the melancholy look of the urban-decay (and rural decay) Sims. Most of these, unless there are some I haven't found yet, require roleplaying.
So, that's what I've been doing.
I have a job at the burger joint, but I pretty much hide in the back, sneaking peeks out here and there. There are some crazy folk in Hathian, and some good folk.. some good , crazy folk too!
A few days ago, I was wandering around the edge of town. Lost. (I try not to look at my map when rp'ing, even when lost. I'd rather ask for help) Razzy, (my character) was quite intoxicated... that gosh darn whiskey. It get's me every time. Met this chick packing a few blades. Of course, being drunk, and stumbling, I was cool with just blathering away to a stranger... in a strange town.. in a dark corner, where I could hear (read) two fellows having an altercation close by. This chick however, helped me out, steadied me on my feet and sent me in the right direction.  The next day, I left my job early.. it was slow... and there was a naked guy standing outside the place. He DID have clothes on, then I shared the fact I was contemplating asking him for a cigarette, and he stripped naked. *sigh* No cigarette for poor Razzy, to go with her daily whiskey.

To balance things out, in NON rp'ing SL, I have my darling little home in Neufreidstadt. I love wandering about, flying about, just enjoying the scenery. It really has a darling feeling to it.
I also of course have to visit my place in Arosa daily. I enjoy watching the sun come up behind the HUGE mountains, causing the snow to sparkle, my windchimes tinkling in my perfect greenhouse.. water in the lake glistening.
RP is fun and all, and does give a bit of a 'gaming' aspect to it, but I also enjoy just being Moonrise, and chatting with my CDS and Arosa friends.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Recent Travels

Well, I've actually been rather busy in the Metaverse.
This past week it was Second Life's 8th Birthday, otherwise known as SL8B. Things got started on the 20th of June and are now wrapping up. It was quite the amazing event.
Standing next to the VKC display in SL8B

I also took up residence in the lovely Locus Amoenus area of the CDS. I couldn't quite find exactly what it was I was looking for in the different stores, regardless of the wonderful selection in Second Life of Roman builds, so I built my own Domus with the help of Anna and some guidance from Rosie. (two of my friends in the CDS). This is what I came up with:
My very first attempt at building a home. Locus Amoenus

Standing in the enclosed garden area of my Locus Amoenus home that I built.

Then, for something a bit different, I decided to venture into Missing Mile, a rp'ing sim loosely based on a city in a book by the super-fanastic Poppy Z. Brite. I love the urban-noir look. It was alot of fun hanging out in it. I would have got into the rp'ing more, but it lagged quite a bit on my laptop (yes, I know, I'm nuts for even attempting to play about in Second Life on a non-game oriented laptop). Recently it was announced that Missing Mile would be getting a make over and would involve into Virtue City... not sure what that will be like, but I'm sad about it. Apparently there will be a mini Missing Mile in the realm of Paper , a sim which currently sits as a residential area for Soap (which is where MM currently is), so I'll wait and see how that goes.
Dancing in the street after too much Johnnie Walker, near the Motel in Missing Mile

Dancing at the Sacred Yew. Engrama will be performing here on Tuesday!

The hotel I was renting in Missing Mile
The Divinaturist Fellowship has upgraded it's headquarters in SL a bit. I feel lucky to be able to run this little virtual extension of the real life Society. It is located in the beautiful region of Lionheart.
The SL home of the Divinaturist Fellowship. In Lionheart Vitani.

So, current homes. Where am I living? Well, as mentioned above, I have the Divinaturist Fellowship. I have my home in Locus Amoenus that I built, but I will be putting the property up for sale, as really I didn't need an additional parcel, I'm just horribly addicted to trying new parcels :).

Also in the CDS area, where Locus Amoenus is, as well as Monastery, Alpine Meadows and a few other places, is Neufreidstadt. I have a little spot there. I think I got the last one. Fees are SO low there, though there is not alot of primage... the area itself is awesomely cute and dear. I have met some lovely folk there. Rosie and Pip being two of them. So, two pics of my Neufreidstadt home:
Home Sweet Home in NFS (Neufreidstatd)

Dressed up for the 20's. Was visiting a Dieselpunk Sim called Seraph City earlier in the day before returning back to NFS.

 I just found a beautiful snowy land. It is called Arosa. Based on the villlage in Switzerland of the same name.There is a blog with lots of information about it at:

Sonja Strom is the woman who I have been in contact with in Arosa. She is wonderfully friendly and helpful. Arosa is a friendly little community, and is run by a  council. The tier fees are amazingly well priced and are based on prims rather than size. This snowy village has been a nice change... there is something comforting and relaxing about snuggling up with a good book in front of a fire.
Sonja and I admiring the rising Moon from my new home in Arosa Village.

Sonja took me for a ride on her SnowMobile.

Relaxing in front of my cabin in Arosa
Those are my two primary homes right now. NFS and Arosa. Though I do spend a fair amount of time at Lionheart, so I can be found there also. We have a ritual circle, pond, and some Divinaturist reading materials there. It's more of a group meeting place and public area than an actual 'home'

Oh, the other night I was blessed in SL with a visit from dear Akashik. We danced the night away in Gaia Rising:

For something different, the past few days I've been roaming about in The Crack Den and Dead End. Two areas within the Alterscape sims. Pretty darn cool. I am not well practiced in this sort of intense role playing. Using emotes, and much typing to describe the situation.. but it sure is creatively challenging. Here I am outside of one of the trailer park areas:

Yep... Second Life sure has alot of stuff going on. Ahhh, before I forget, there is a Duran Duran Sim there. LOL, DDU - Duran Duran Universe. Fun times! I had to check it out, seeing as how back in the 80's I was a huge fan!
In some really cool spiraling cave in DDU


Venus.... this pic and the one above are from an area in DDU that lets you pose in famous paintings.