Saturday, 4 August 2018

Goodbye InWorldz

So it’s gone. It won’t be back – not the name anyhow -it will simply fade away.  InWorldz as we knew it is gone. There might be a new grid created – and it might have our profile data and all that. But it won’t be InWorldz, and it will be a very barren start over. And I don’t know that I could bring myself to be there.

The sudden news of the shut down was a shock. Five days notice? For a grid like InWorldz that has so many residents, even if a large portion of those did not log in anymore? It was still the busiest grid outside of SL. How could this be happening?  I was dumbfounded when I read the Discord message  that morning before I was even out of bed.
So the shock sort of wears off and the packing starts..  or well, unpacking in many cases – taking out your inventory objects that you want to take with you to the Promised Land , stuff the non object things into prims, and then leave those prims out on sandboxes or regions.  My eyes are leaking as Im doing this, but I wipe them away and just scroll through the stuff trying to think ‘what is most important to save?’

Sandboxes getting full,  masses of objects laying on regions everywhere. Planes, boats, homes, clothing, shoes, hair. Then there is the concern by some merchants – “how can I bring my ‘Licensed for InWorldz only’ items into a new entity? Sure same avatar permissions and basic data but is it still InWorldz? InWorldz is in debt right? I mean there was that money raised for financial problems ? Right…  so, if InWorldz has a new name,  new servers with new host and all that, it’s…. not really InWorldz is it?  ” — so now many merchants/creators are deciding that they aren’t letting their creations or licensed- to -use products off of IW. They can go down with the ship.  The ship is sinking.

VKC dog is rezzed… poof he’s gone. Right, another thing not allowed to go to the Promised Land.  Looking at all the things. The huge ship my dear friend and partner made, sitting to my left  that takes up the whole sim,  my favourite skirt… that I just remembered isnt going to be allowed through. Some old school prim builds, oversized that my best friend in my first days of IW made, they get piled on top of each other. Too much, I want to save everything. I can’t do that though so..  so fine, its just notecards now really,  memories. Dropping into prims.  Packing up in a panic. I realize I’m tired. And I realize that I no longer understand what happened.  I just know that we were given 5 days to permanently terminate.  It’s too overwhelming to process and to choose what to try to salvage , so it becomes easier to just take a deep breath, remind myself that I knew this was always a possibility, and log off.  Investing so much time and emotion into a place built on pixels  and imagination … nothing lasts forever. Not real life, not virtual life.

It was with trepidation that I logged in the next day. Set my alarm early so I could attend the ‘last party’. Astoria played the perfect tunes and there were some great people there and we counted down to  the ‘closing time’ – 3pm IWT. As it approached things got rocky, and we needed to leave that region and go to IDI. So we did. Regions were being closed down all around as the OARs were taken. 3pm came and went. The grid was still there.

And we were still there.

Into the night  regions were taken down and eventually come evening, all that was left was IDI. So we went to IDI and waited for the rapture. People I’d never got to meet were there – Daniel Voyager , Mimi from Mimi’s Choice, Fuschia Nightfire – the creator of the first dress I found at Fleure’s region 6 years ago. Names I had known but had never seen in my ‘nearby’ – we were all there at IDI waiting.

By 4am, my nerves were shot , and my heart was  heavy with sad . I realized that I would stay there until it went offline unless I forced myself to understand that it didn’t matter if I wasn’t there for last call. There would never be the perfect time for a goodbye. So I logged. And I didn’t log back in. The servers were still  up later that morning, RackSpace hadn’t shut them off yet I guess,  and the decision was made to pull the plug at noon. I had to start work at noon so I wasn’t there for that and it’s ok.
It’s done. It shouldn’t have been such a surprise, numbers had fallen, I know things were tight. But the short notice was a huge shock.

My partner and I are settled in DigiWorldz now, with many friends from IW and new friends that we’ve made. I know being so invested in a virtual world that can be taken down any time is foolish. But it happens. IW was my first real virtual home – because it’s where I had the best , most enriching virtual experiences.  SL was too big for me and I felt lost. IW was perfect.  There is never another ‘first home’. Goodbye InWorldz.

Starting out in InWorldz 6 years ago with my first region ever.

My last region in InWorldz - Raven's Reef.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

OpenSim 'Freebies'

I know this isn't a popular opinion - but when I see regions advertising themselves on OpenSimWorld with 'freebies' and those freebies are Catwa heads, Freya, Maitreya (cleary pictured), and upon checking these freebies out they also include Blueberry clothing and other rigged mesh items specifically for Freya and Maitreya - I find it really disappointing.

I don't condone botting - but I know its pretty common. Someone has an item they paid good money for elsewhere and have no moral or ethical qualms about taking it out of the Big Grid so they can use it elsewhere. That in itself is a different topic outside of this. But to see these items taken from creators who spent a lot of time and money of their own to use programs and create items that take many hours to do - just offered for free to anyone as though it is some sort of good deed is kind of sad.

When I first found a body called Elena , I was pretty excited. Then I put it on and realized it was Maitreya's Lara. Even some parts were still named as such, and the clothing for it was identical to the blueberry clothing I have for Maitreya in SL. So trying another body - one called Mesh Body I believe - I saw it was Freya and had freya clothing.

And in a few other stores I saw these same bodies not even being disguised but actually just called Freya - and the Maitreya sales box with Elena written on it.

It just kind of discredits the opensim community. I understanding wanting to be a free comunity - but commercial creators DO deserve to get paid for their hard work. I am sure we have people here talented enough to take on the task of creating great content and they can do so and then give it away for free. But using exported items without permission KNOWINGLY (i do realize some people might not know what these things are, especially if they weren't familiar with them in SL) and giving it away for everyone else to use just seems kind of cruddy.

One of the photos used to promote a 'freebie' store in opensim

Raven's Reef in InWorldz Officially Closed

Although it was a really hard decision, Raven's Reef - which was located on the Prickle Pear Bay region of InWorldz mainland - has been taken down permanently. It was intended to be a 'create your own story' - live there, play there kind of thing. But there just seemed to be too little interest in that sort of genre.

Goodbye Raven's Reef InWorldz

For me - well I love urban themed regions and genres. Not necessarily those kidnap/violence RP themes - but just a run down city and the colourful inhabitants and storyline potential. This wasn't as big of an interest for others and visitors to the region had become so infrequent that I coudn't justify keeping it going, so I decided to let it go and concentrate solely on the Raven's Reef 4x4 urban rp varregion in Kitely. It isn't super active there either but there are a steady stream of hypergrid visitors that find us via

Come visit (search Raven's Reef on the map in Kitely) grab a free starter avi, find your groove. We'd love to have you. Also, be sure to visit our site

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Do you want to help move Raven's Reef into action?

The land, the builds, the website - all are pretty much ready to go. There are even some starter avis in the info centre to get people started.

One of the male starter avis

What we DO need however are people. Not just those who want to roleplay, but those who would like to take on roles as citizens in the town.

There is a partially equipped hospital that needs staff, and any additional props you want to add. There is a police station and a firehall as well. We also have a highschool that will be geared toward older students, given the rating of the region in general. (so ya know, a school full of 18+ers - its an old town, the fail rate is high haha) So teachers, clergy for the church, merchants in general.

There is a lot of room for character development within Raven's Reef and we'd love to have your input.

The streets at night

Take a look at to read more about the town, and if you have any experience organizing roleplay, or if you feel inclined to take on a role in the town please just let me know. You can do this by messaging me at G+, or joining the site and contacting that way.

Active community members will get free housing. Either in some chosen homes available, or above the shops if available. (some of the stores have apts above)

You don't have to be a Kitely resident to participate - feel free to come on in from anywhere.


Raven's Reef High

Monday, 3 April 2017

Urban Role Play in OpenSim

Well, I've been quiet on here lately. A few days after my last post, we had a tragic loss. A death in the family. Most often I keep my real life and my virtual life separate - so I don't want to go into detail - but needless to say, life spun upside down and it's been a difficult time.

Some of my focus changed in my virtual life. I found myself puttering more, and making distractions for myself. Creating an alternate reality in the form of Raven's Reef in Kitely.

Now, to clarify - this idea first took hold in InWorldz about a year and a half ago, albeit on a smaller scale. My good friend and co-conspirator Simone Geddins and I really wanted to bring some of the Urban Glory of the Second Life grid into our land at InWorldz. Her and I really loved doing urban roleplay in SL, finding neat little towns that we could 'move into' and become part of the scenery.

Taking it to Kitely however was a bit different. It started a few months before my family tragedy. I had decided that I wanted to take what we had done in IW and do it on a larger scale. It was initially quite a challenge. Not just because I was suddenly working with a 4x4 (equivalent of 16 regions) but because I needed to find the same sort of items to create a similar ambiance. Luckily my partner Curt Halberd had also set up a second Domus homebase (the name of his store in InWorldz and Kitely) and THAT meant I could get many of the same builds I had in InWorldz.

There was also a lot of free/copyable stuff in OSgrid at Cardboard and Rust region. Between those two sources I was able to get to work on this mega sized version of Raven's Reef. But it was still a large project and I sort of worked on it just little bits here and there. However the past few months I have been putting in a lot of time, and really enjoying myself.

Something about having a vision and seeing it take form on a virtual canvas is quite awesome. So bit by bit this place is becoming everything I had envisioned for it. The website for it is , and there is also a page for it at OpenSimWorld -

Come check it out!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Today in the Metaverse

Second Life has been of renewed interest for me lately because I moved into New Babbage with my sis Chav . We moved their because of Mysterious Circumstances
In New Babbage in Second Life
Please do not stare at her hands. She is a little bit sensitive about them. Mama was quite a drunk and used to... oh nevermind, we don't talk about mama. Especially since we poisoned... ugh, again, nevermind. I get carried away and say FAR more than I should. Anyhow, sufficient to say, Chav and I have relocated to the Canal area and I am looking for employment at one of the factories. Chav is very 'handy' *chuckles* and sews some lovely clothing. I used to be a teacher, but there seems to be no actual educational stuff for children in New Babbage so I will see if I can get hired on by one of the local sweat shops.

In InWorldz, I attended two great sets of tunes by two great DJ's on Saturday. The theme was SEXY and boy was it ever. The Sword & Chalice in the Podia region in InWorldz has some great Adult themed parties. Full dungeon in the levels below the dance floor. Very tasteful and classy.
Dancing like a Porn Star in InWorldz

I perhaps did not look super 'classy' but I was having a lot of fun. The overall theme of Sword & Chalice is GLBT Welcoming, be comfortable in your own form, celebrate the joys of sensation. NO child avis and tinies are discouraged because they are cute lil animals and they don't really do well in bondage areas with half naked or naked humans. I am wearing Hell's Angel clothing by Virtual Attire, Song Bird Polished eyes and makeup, Mina Skin by Eye Candi.

There are events every day in InWorldz, and unlike in Second Life, the events don't cause me to crash. In Second Life my first few minutes at any event are spent waiting for the mesh clothes of those around me to attach themselves to the mesh naked bodies that they belong to. (not a BAD thing understand, just a bit of a lag load for my computer)

Speaking of mesh bodies in Second Life, not only do I have one there, but also at the encouragement of a friend (looking at YOU SIMMY!) Got a mesh head as well. This particular one is LAQ - Trinity. I had wanted to get one of the Leleutka heads but they are a bit round in the chin and overly pouty in the mouth for my taste. I might revisit them in the future but I had all the demos and none were doing it for me.

Pondering on the boat in Second Life
Body is Maitreya, hair is =DeLa*= Mesh Hair Emily, Shirt I'm wearing is blueberry and my eyes are Ikon. Oh yeah baby, I am LAGALICIOUS. The new Firestorm tells me most of the time that I can't be seen by half the population. Not sure about that as I don't even wear shoes half the time and limited scripts, but mesh body/head/hands/feet etc all contribute.

It is really nice though to have such flow to the skin and shape. It adds so much to the immersiveness of scenes.

Then after I was done being a mesh whore in Second Life I decided to come back to Kitely and visit my town I've been working on. It's a 4x4 Varregion , the majority of it a RP region with teh central area a residential zone. I quite love it. It started in InWorldz as Raven Reef in the Prickle Pear Bay region (which is still there, come visit!) but I really wanted to expand and make a whole town with boating area. So I have the city, then farmlands a forested area, then  a wastelandish area and swamp with airport. Huge Kudos to my guy Curt Halberd for his amazing builds. He is sooo talented. He has a store called Domus and sells in both InWorldz and Kitely market. Although I did get a HUGE portion of the stuff as freebies in OsGrid, the core residential rental homes (free rent for new folks!) are made by him, same with gas station, Pub I work at and more.
Making a collect call in Kitely
The phonebooth and homes to the left were freebies but across the street, those are all Curt's builds, same with the roads/sidewalks.

He bakes his textures soooo beautifully and spends so much time working on each and every item. He is truly an artist with his mesh creations and I absolutely love the realism the convey. It adds the perfect touch to any town, and especially a role play town where immersiveness is kind of important!
I have an apartment above the pub where I work, furnished with a majority of Witchy's  items, from Kitely Marketplace.
My apartment in Kitely

It looks SO retro I love it. And I look out my apartment window to the street below or from the bedroom see the new restaurant that the ex police officer has opened up. He's kind of cute. I hope he likes his liquor because I love serving it out!

Opensim grids lack the 'stuff' that I love in Second Life but they allow so much room for imagination. In Second Life everything is done for you. But to own land or make your dreams come true costs a fortune.

I Pay 40 dollars/month for mainland regions and 30,000+ prims in InWorldz and 40/month in Kitely for a 4x4 and 120,000 regions.

InWorldz is a lot more active and busy than Kitely, (though its hard to tell with Kitely because it doesn't display online users, and that can make it seem emptier than it is) so the 40 for Mainland is really a pretty good deal also because its a busier community, even though no Hypergrid.  Also in InWorldz you can get a private island and 40,000 prims for 75 bucks or a 2x2 for 85 which is really a great deal for the second busiest grid in the metaverse. (Second only to Second Life). So good deals for a decent sized grid!

But in Kitely I am queen of my universe. I have a 4x4 which is equivalent to 16 regions, 120,000 prims and the possibilities are endless. Though of course it lacks the neat STUFF that Second Life has, it has so many great freebies and artistic creativity that isnt limited due to high prices and tiny prim counts. I LOVE my Kitely home just as much as my InWorldz home and have so much fun wandering about and meeting new people.

The skin and shirt here are from an AviFest 2016 avatar called Beth. Free from Franco Grid. The glasses are made by Chav Paderborn and the hair is by (red) Mint - I LOVE LOVE that hair. My favourite hair in opensim! Also you should buy Chav's stuff because she needs new shoes.

Alright so there is a huge ALL in ONE update on many random things. Needed to get this blog back into business again. There are so many freaking amazing places in the metaverse and we have SO many options. I love that I can visit neat places in Second Life and get gorgeous ego-enhancing additions. I love that I can go into InWorldz and find so many of my friends hanging out, having fun and walk around in regions I have owned for years now. And I love that I can go into Kitely and see all these people who are uber creative making super neat things because they have the space they want at a really low price.

Just like, in real life, I'm not content to just sit in one space. I want to visit different areas, because they each offer so much. When I travel the metaverse I'm totally on vacation. Whoot!
<3  Come visit me wherever. If there's a grid I'm probably in it. ;)

Blast from the Past!

I found my old Blogspot blog! And after some jumping through hoops of email recovery stuff I have access to it again! Perfect way to share all my favourite spots in the metaverse. So stay tuned!

Just takin a nap in the meantime