Thursday, 11 May 2017

Do you want to help move Raven's Reef into action?

The land, the builds, the website - all are pretty much ready to go. There are even some starter avis in the info centre to get people started.

One of the male starter avis

What we DO need however are people. Not just those who want to roleplay, but those who would like to take on roles as citizens in the town.

There is a partially equipped hospital that needs staff, and any additional props you want to add. There is a police station and a firehall as well. We also have a highschool that will be geared toward older students, given the rating of the region in general. (so ya know, a school full of 18+ers - its an old town, the fail rate is high haha) So teachers, clergy for the church, merchants in general.

There is a lot of room for character development within Raven's Reef and we'd love to have your input.

The streets at night

Take a look at to read more about the town, and if you have any experience organizing roleplay, or if you feel inclined to take on a role in the town please just let me know. You can do this by messaging me at G+, or joining the site and contacting that way.

Active community members will get free housing. Either in some chosen homes available, or above the shops if available. (some of the stores have apts above)

You don't have to be a Kitely resident to participate - feel free to come on in from anywhere.


Raven's Reef High

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