Monday, 3 April 2017

Urban Role Play in OpenSim

Well, I've been quiet on here lately. A few days after my last post, we had a tragic loss. A death in the family. Most often I keep my real life and my virtual life separate - so I don't want to go into detail - but needless to say, life spun upside down and it's been a difficult time.

Some of my focus changed in my virtual life. I found myself puttering more, and making distractions for myself. Creating an alternate reality in the form of Raven's Reef in Kitely.

Now, to clarify - this idea first took hold in InWorldz about a year and a half ago, albeit on a smaller scale. My good friend and co-conspirator Simone Geddins and I really wanted to bring some of the Urban Glory of the Second Life grid into our land at InWorldz. Her and I really loved doing urban roleplay in SL, finding neat little towns that we could 'move into' and become part of the scenery.

Taking it to Kitely however was a bit different. It started a few months before my family tragedy. I had decided that I wanted to take what we had done in IW and do it on a larger scale. It was initially quite a challenge. Not just because I was suddenly working with a 4x4 (equivalent of 16 regions) but because I needed to find the same sort of items to create a similar ambiance. Luckily my partner Curt Halberd had also set up a second Domus homebase (the name of his store in InWorldz and Kitely) and THAT meant I could get many of the same builds I had in InWorldz.

There was also a lot of free/copyable stuff in OSgrid at Cardboard and Rust region. Between those two sources I was able to get to work on this mega sized version of Raven's Reef. But it was still a large project and I sort of worked on it just little bits here and there. However the past few months I have been putting in a lot of time, and really enjoying myself.

Something about having a vision and seeing it take form on a virtual canvas is quite awesome. So bit by bit this place is becoming everything I had envisioned for it. The website for it is , and there is also a page for it at OpenSimWorld -

Come check it out!

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