Monday, 3 October 2016

Today in the Metaverse

Second Life has been of renewed interest for me lately because I moved into New Babbage with my sis Chav . We moved their because of Mysterious Circumstances
In New Babbage in Second Life
Please do not stare at her hands. She is a little bit sensitive about them. Mama was quite a drunk and used to... oh nevermind, we don't talk about mama. Especially since we poisoned... ugh, again, nevermind. I get carried away and say FAR more than I should. Anyhow, sufficient to say, Chav and I have relocated to the Canal area and I am looking for employment at one of the factories. Chav is very 'handy' *chuckles* and sews some lovely clothing. I used to be a teacher, but there seems to be no actual educational stuff for children in New Babbage so I will see if I can get hired on by one of the local sweat shops.

In InWorldz, I attended two great sets of tunes by two great DJ's on Saturday. The theme was SEXY and boy was it ever. The Sword & Chalice in the Podia region in InWorldz has some great Adult themed parties. Full dungeon in the levels below the dance floor. Very tasteful and classy.
Dancing like a Porn Star in InWorldz

I perhaps did not look super 'classy' but I was having a lot of fun. The overall theme of Sword & Chalice is GLBT Welcoming, be comfortable in your own form, celebrate the joys of sensation. NO child avis and tinies are discouraged because they are cute lil animals and they don't really do well in bondage areas with half naked or naked humans. I am wearing Hell's Angel clothing by Virtual Attire, Song Bird Polished eyes and makeup, Mina Skin by Eye Candi.

There are events every day in InWorldz, and unlike in Second Life, the events don't cause me to crash. In Second Life my first few minutes at any event are spent waiting for the mesh clothes of those around me to attach themselves to the mesh naked bodies that they belong to. (not a BAD thing understand, just a bit of a lag load for my computer)

Speaking of mesh bodies in Second Life, not only do I have one there, but also at the encouragement of a friend (looking at YOU SIMMY!) Got a mesh head as well. This particular one is LAQ - Trinity. I had wanted to get one of the Leleutka heads but they are a bit round in the chin and overly pouty in the mouth for my taste. I might revisit them in the future but I had all the demos and none were doing it for me.

Pondering on the boat in Second Life
Body is Maitreya, hair is =DeLa*= Mesh Hair Emily, Shirt I'm wearing is blueberry and my eyes are Ikon. Oh yeah baby, I am LAGALICIOUS. The new Firestorm tells me most of the time that I can't be seen by half the population. Not sure about that as I don't even wear shoes half the time and limited scripts, but mesh body/head/hands/feet etc all contribute.

It is really nice though to have such flow to the skin and shape. It adds so much to the immersiveness of scenes.

Then after I was done being a mesh whore in Second Life I decided to come back to Kitely and visit my town I've been working on. It's a 4x4 Varregion , the majority of it a RP region with teh central area a residential zone. I quite love it. It started in InWorldz as Raven Reef in the Prickle Pear Bay region (which is still there, come visit!) but I really wanted to expand and make a whole town with boating area. So I have the city, then farmlands a forested area, then  a wastelandish area and swamp with airport. Huge Kudos to my guy Curt Halberd for his amazing builds. He is sooo talented. He has a store called Domus and sells in both InWorldz and Kitely market. Although I did get a HUGE portion of the stuff as freebies in OsGrid, the core residential rental homes (free rent for new folks!) are made by him, same with gas station, Pub I work at and more.
Making a collect call in Kitely
The phonebooth and homes to the left were freebies but across the street, those are all Curt's builds, same with the roads/sidewalks.

He bakes his textures soooo beautifully and spends so much time working on each and every item. He is truly an artist with his mesh creations and I absolutely love the realism the convey. It adds the perfect touch to any town, and especially a role play town where immersiveness is kind of important!
I have an apartment above the pub where I work, furnished with a majority of Witchy's  items, from Kitely Marketplace.
My apartment in Kitely

It looks SO retro I love it. And I look out my apartment window to the street below or from the bedroom see the new restaurant that the ex police officer has opened up. He's kind of cute. I hope he likes his liquor because I love serving it out!

Opensim grids lack the 'stuff' that I love in Second Life but they allow so much room for imagination. In Second Life everything is done for you. But to own land or make your dreams come true costs a fortune.

I Pay 40 dollars/month for mainland regions and 30,000+ prims in InWorldz and 40/month in Kitely for a 4x4 and 120,000 regions.

InWorldz is a lot more active and busy than Kitely, (though its hard to tell with Kitely because it doesn't display online users, and that can make it seem emptier than it is) so the 40 for Mainland is really a pretty good deal also because its a busier community, even though no Hypergrid.  Also in InWorldz you can get a private island and 40,000 prims for 75 bucks or a 2x2 for 85 which is really a great deal for the second busiest grid in the metaverse. (Second only to Second Life). So good deals for a decent sized grid!

But in Kitely I am queen of my universe. I have a 4x4 which is equivalent to 16 regions, 120,000 prims and the possibilities are endless. Though of course it lacks the neat STUFF that Second Life has, it has so many great freebies and artistic creativity that isnt limited due to high prices and tiny prim counts. I LOVE my Kitely home just as much as my InWorldz home and have so much fun wandering about and meeting new people.

The skin and shirt here are from an AviFest 2016 avatar called Beth. Free from Franco Grid. The glasses are made by Chav Paderborn and the hair is by (red) Mint - I LOVE LOVE that hair. My favourite hair in opensim! Also you should buy Chav's stuff because she needs new shoes.

Alright so there is a huge ALL in ONE update on many random things. Needed to get this blog back into business again. There are so many freaking amazing places in the metaverse and we have SO many options. I love that I can visit neat places in Second Life and get gorgeous ego-enhancing additions. I love that I can go into InWorldz and find so many of my friends hanging out, having fun and walk around in regions I have owned for years now. And I love that I can go into Kitely and see all these people who are uber creative making super neat things because they have the space they want at a really low price.

Just like, in real life, I'm not content to just sit in one space. I want to visit different areas, because they each offer so much. When I travel the metaverse I'm totally on vacation. Whoot!
<3  Come visit me wherever. If there's a grid I'm probably in it. ;)

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