Monday, 6 June 2011

Virtual Me in a Virtual World

At first I thought it was kind of a silly thing to do. However, after stumbling across many other blogs by SL’ers, I realized it wasn’t so strange. I actually like to blog about SL, however, I decided I wanted to keep First Life, and Second Life, separate.
I’ll edit and post more soon, just couldn’t handle leaving the generic ‘Hello World’ post on here :)
Recently I became a citizen/resident of CDS . I like the idea of virtual communities. For myself, rp’ing isn’t really what I’m into. It gets boring. I’ve never been much of a gamer. I like the idea of actually interacting with and communicating with people on a virtual level.
I’ve lived in quite a few places, and it always takes the same route.
1) find a well priced piece of land
2)get all set up
3)re-name it, decorate it.
4)wander aimlessly around the ‘neighbourhood’
5)get bored and look for a new place to live.
That, for me is the addictive part. New parcels, new regions. I have lived on completely isolated but large beautiful parcels, and I have lived on very habitated but rather unfriendly parcels. I’ve had people fly through my property and be rude, leave things on my land, and all the usual things. I’ve found a nice place to live, only to come back one day and see some huge ugly structure looming over me.
Estates run by peeps and groups just wanting to make a dollar (which is fair of course – many people in SL are there to make money)
So lately I had been looking for something different.
I was wandering through a bookstore I had found in a region called Neufreistadt. There I met a fun fellow named Pip who introduced me to some of the other sims of the CDS (Confederation of  Democratic Simulators) . So, now, I am living in an area called Alpine Meadows, and have already met quite a few of the other residents. Community is the word of the day there, so I look forward to seeing how it goes. Events, meetings, voting…. the citizens of the area all work together to develop the region into a place they can proudly call their SL Home.

I also have a little place in LionHeart. LionHeart was one of the first places, besides Covenstead, that I took up residence. I enjoy it there because it’s a bit like being in the city. Trains and busses rumble past, dust devils spin garbage around. There are places of beauty and places that look like they are from the East Side in Vancouver. I love it. The place I have in LionHeart is a meeting space for Divinaturists, but open to anyone interested in dancing round a fire, or sitting by a pond. There’s always coffee, wine and refreshments inside the building.

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