Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Exploring Colonia Nova

I was wandering about in Colonia Nova today, and got lost! lol. For fun, I opted to not use the world map, and just wandered. Hallways, passageways, hidden garden areas, catacombs inhabitated by not-of-this-realm folk who had met untimely ends. Very cool. Thanks to Tor, the Chancellor  of the CDS for taking me on a bit of a tour.

When I first found the area, via Pip, whom I met at a bookstore in Neufreistadt (the Bavarian themed Sim in CDS), although I thought the designs, and builds were really cool, and loved the way there were different themes to suit personal taste (they are themed, but it's not rp'ing and although you can certainly dress the part, this is not a requirement) , I saw that there were only a few little green dots milling about. So, I thought that the area was perhaps not very active. I spend alot of time in Lionheart, and that place is often quite packed with people. However, in the short time I have spent so far in my land in the Alpine Meadows Region, and Neufreistadt, and exploring in Colonia Nova, Locus Amoenus and in Monastery ( another beautiful area in the Alpine theme), I have met more people than in any other community. A very welcoming group of people! I actually had two really great ladies, Rosie and Anna, over at my place the second day.

Second Life is attractive to different people for different reasons. At first, when I came to SL it was just to wander, explore, dress up, and be silly. Now, after a few years, I realized that that can get boring if you haven't met good people. Just like any social networking site. If you are the creative sort, then Second Life is your virtual playground. Technically, I'm rather impaired, however I am still creative, just more in the 'creating spaces'. Not buildings (I suck at that), and not items to sell... still learning on that one. But making little spaces that are nice for people to visit and enjoy. Whether it be a comfy living room, or a parcel to just relax in... I like to make things inviting. I guess that's why for me, I've sort of been on that search for community.

Sometimes I just like to wander, or observe and 'people watch'. For that, I love Lionheart. I have a parcel in Lionheart Vitani. It's in the city area, amidst bars, shops, parks, grungy basketball courts and public restrooms. Just like a real city, you have the little slummy spaces, right alongside the elite and fancy. However, unlike a real city, the little slummy places are almost more charming in many ways than the fancy places, lol.  Graffiti on walls, a train/subway and bus. It doesn't have the community feel that I love in the CDS, but it has it's own merit for sure.

Enough blathering today. Time to post some pics!

Trying out my new AO. 

A view in Neufreiststadt.

Just before sunrise, on some tracks in Lionheart.

I love trains.

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