Friday, 15 July 2011

Busy in the Slums

It's not so much that I'm an avid roleplayer, but more about the fact that I love the melancholy look of the urban-decay (and rural decay) Sims. Most of these, unless there are some I haven't found yet, require roleplaying.
So, that's what I've been doing.
I have a job at the burger joint, but I pretty much hide in the back, sneaking peeks out here and there. There are some crazy folk in Hathian, and some good folk.. some good , crazy folk too!
A few days ago, I was wandering around the edge of town. Lost. (I try not to look at my map when rp'ing, even when lost. I'd rather ask for help) Razzy, (my character) was quite intoxicated... that gosh darn whiskey. It get's me every time. Met this chick packing a few blades. Of course, being drunk, and stumbling, I was cool with just blathering away to a stranger... in a strange town.. in a dark corner, where I could hear (read) two fellows having an altercation close by. This chick however, helped me out, steadied me on my feet and sent me in the right direction.  The next day, I left my job early.. it was slow... and there was a naked guy standing outside the place. He DID have clothes on, then I shared the fact I was contemplating asking him for a cigarette, and he stripped naked. *sigh* No cigarette for poor Razzy, to go with her daily whiskey.

To balance things out, in NON rp'ing SL, I have my darling little home in Neufreidstadt. I love wandering about, flying about, just enjoying the scenery. It really has a darling feeling to it.
I also of course have to visit my place in Arosa daily. I enjoy watching the sun come up behind the HUGE mountains, causing the snow to sparkle, my windchimes tinkling in my perfect greenhouse.. water in the lake glistening.
RP is fun and all, and does give a bit of a 'gaming' aspect to it, but I also enjoy just being Moonrise, and chatting with my CDS and Arosa friends.

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